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March 2009 - Talent Management

Greetings everyone,

To keep in touch with all my clients, colleagues and friends on a regular basis this year, I have decided to introduce a quarterly briefing mail to share My Experiences, My Insights & Views and My Discoveries. I hope that you will find this as interesting and thought provoking reading in between all the other red e-mails…

My Experiences

The last 18 months have highlighted that organisations across industries are either at a stage of getting some of the basics around people management practices in place or have decided to move on, whether it’s in place or not, to the stage of addressing skills, development, talent and retention. So whether I have worked on projects to develop job descriptions or performance management systems or career management tools or organisational structures or people strategy or understand employee issues & perceptions the end goal ultimately has been to address the performance and skills gaps and retain the best performers. Talent Management and Development and Employee Retention have been the topic at many HR and business conferences worldwide over the last 5 years. In My Insights & Views in this edition I will share some facts and realities on the topic of Talent Management.

My Insights & Views

Talent management is the integrated process of having the "right" people in the "right" position, so ultimately it starts with the very first step of when you hire someone. The "right" hire has the skills set, attitude and experience to fulfil the requirements of the role to contribute to planned business results and outputs. This is the "right" talent that then needs to be managed, further developed and retained to grow in understanding and within the structures of the business. This for me is what talent management is about.

Many companies have well developed and articulated business plans, yet struggle to implement a workable and effective talent management strategy. The reasons for this may vary between senior management’s approach to talent management or employees (at all levels of the hierarchy) sentiment and belief about their entitlement in the organisation. Talent management and related initiatives are not tactical issues and they require a "hands-on" approach by the most senior levels of management to let it take on its transformational impact. A survey conducted by Talent Management Magazine found that most companies have implemented some talent management initiatives / activities, but only 13% of the respondents indicated that all these efforts were fully integrated. The majority (65%) indicated that they believe talent management is a somewhat integrated process. I definitely believe that it is an integrated process.

So my view, if Talent Management is to be implemented effectively in any organisation, it is important to realise that Talent Management needs to be approached in an integrated manner and not be viewed as an initiative / drive / single programme. The lack of integration, talent management happening in silos and the lack of effective communication and collaboration will make a potentially effective people management strategy not yield the best results. Accountability needs to be placed at an executive level across all functions to ensure full integration of efforts and ownership of talent management in the organisation. Make sure that your Talent Management Strategy addresses processes involving your Attract, Engage, Develop and Retain methodologies, to give you the intended results of having the best skills for the business.

My Discoveries

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Hoping that Quarter One of 2009 has given you all new opportunities for continual growth.

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