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Sept 2009 - Change Management

Festive greetings everyone!

My Experiences

Over the last 8 weeks I have consciously taken time to explore and expand my network of colleagues and contacts. In this relatively short period, I have established 13 new contacts. It has yielded positive results with opportunities to expand my service offerings and explore new business opportunities. Really exciting times for me…!

This kind of activity is infectious and makes me want to do more of it, but clients want deliverables so I have also quickly learnt to balance between what I love doing and what I need to do. None the less it has been energising with lots of positive outcomes. So, in My Insights & Views I am focusing on Positive Thinking and Attitudes

My Insights & Views

"A positive attitude brings strength, energy and initiative."

Think of someone that you will refer to as being positive… Positive thinking is contagious. It’s true that people are affected by the mental moods of those around them. When in a happy and successful environment, people enjoy the vibrations that positive minds emit, resulting in those who are coming into that environment, to like them and have the desire to help them.

It is said that SUCCESS is 88% attitude and 12% education. Maintaining a positive attitude is an important factor in your ability to succeed in life and stay sane through tough times. Maintaining a positive attitude is critical now, more than ever.

Some facts critical to organisation’s success are:

  • Positive people are motivated and productive.
  • Positive people set the tone for those around them.
  • Positive people portray a positive image of their company when interacting with customers and others.

The pressures in the workplace to perform and achieve more, seems endless. Sales have been down for far too long; budgets have been cut; there is a freeze in hiring; there is downsizing and restructuring taking place everywhere; stress levels are high and work–life balance is low. These are all difficult times to display a positive attitude. But that is the reality of today's world and exactly why Leaders need their people to pull together and deliver their best performance.

A survey in the USA examined why salespeople fail. The initial thoughts were that it was because of high prices or poor quality. However 15% of the respondents attributed failure to "poor training," another 15% said "poor management" and another 20% said "poor communication skills." 50% said that salespeople fail because of a "lack of positive attitude." I think that these results are reflective of the South African context as well.

So let us all yield results from developing a positive attitude toward life, expect a successful outcome of whatever we do, and most importantly take the necessary actions to ensure our success.

At this time of year most people feel festive and look forward to a new start. 2010 has promises of a positive turnaround for most South African’s and business in general with the hosting of the 2010 World Cup. Let’s hang onto that positive energy we have at this time of the year, to mould a renewed positive self.

My Discoveries

I have decided to share a quick festive snack recipe in this edition. It is really easy and makes a lovely homemade treat for the holidays. So give it a try!

Nut Clusters

1 tin condensed milk
500g nuts and raisins mixed
4 cups of cornflakes
Rice paper
Sesame seeds & sunflower seeds (optional)

Mix the nuts, raisins & condensed milk
Add the cornflakes to the mixture
Place spoonfuls on the rice paper and sprinkle with seeds
Bake for 10-15 minutes on 180 degrees, until lightly browned
Leave to cool and eel off the excess rice paper around the sides

Many Blessings to you all & Warm Wishes for a Positive & Prosperous 2010!  

Kind Regards
Audri Riffel

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