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April 2010 - Recognition in the Workplace

Greetings everyone!

My Experiences

In an economy that has been flat and declining it was an opportune time to look at other business interests. Two of Riffel Consulting’s core operating principles is service delivery and value-add to the Client. Keeping with these same core principles we will be expanding our service offering again in the next few weeks through another business venture providing passenger transfers and tours of a highly professional standard. Please do look out for our marketing promotion and support this new venture.

We have all seen, experienced and felt it…. World Cup Fever! The South Africa mid year silly season is fast approaching. We see the symptoms every Friday with people dressing alike and every advert on TV with a similar upbeat spirit. This is really inspiring and wonderful recognition of a "Proudly South African" nation.
Recognition is an integral part of displaying passion, achieving and performing whether it be of a personal or organisational nature. In this edition My Insights & Views will be exploring Recognition in the Workplace.

My Insights & Views

You might think recognition is centered in the past. But it's really all about the future. People repeat behaviors that are recognized. Public recognition motivates everyone in the room to do more of what spawned the award. In this way, recognition becomes a catalyst for increasingly on-track, above-and-beyond performance.

Heard of the "Carrot Culture"? Do yourself a favour and research it. It’s the simplest, sometimes most obvious actions that can make a world of difference in your team – just by sincerely Recognising them. So how does one ensure that when showing recognition your intention is to be sincere and effective…

  • comments must be positive and upbeat, i.e. avoid giving recognition to someone in a scheduled business presentation
  • recognition must be immediate, not too many days or weeks after the happening
  • recognise an individual close to their work environment, if peers or team members are present even better
  • be specific about behavious that supports and aligns to key business values
  • involve other peers, supervisors, managers who are able to share in commenting and recognising the performance efforts of the individual. This often means more than it coming from the most senior levels.

As leaders and managers we need to ensure that there are no "invisible employees" on our team. Look for the behaviours that can be recognised in each employee, that will help your business to not only survive but give the employee the boost they need to move their performance up a notch.

Authors Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton of literature and tools around "Carrot Culture" says: "The celebration of one success launches a thousand more."

So why not set yourself a goal and challenge. Make sure that you are feeding your business nourishing carrots (recognition of someone in your team) at least once a week and monitor the change.

My Discoveries

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Audri Riffel

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